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Fuselage has truss welded structure, made of 12X18H10T (EN 1, 4878) stainless steel, covered with DIATEX synthetic fabric. The engine compartment is separated from the cockpit by a firewall, at which the engine is attached to the fuselage frame. Cockpit entering is realized through two big bulb upwards opening doors. The seats inside, engine cowlings, aircraft ceiling and a few other parts are made of fiberglass. The canopy glass used on the aircraft is a polycarbonate type.

Wing of the plane has new advanced aerofoil with a 12% thickness ratio, rectangular form and a frame structure of  two wooden spars, system of diagonal tube struts and fiberglass ribs, synthetic fabric skin. Wing mechanization consists of ailerons and mechanically actuated 3-positions (0°, -20°, -40°) slotted flaps. Wing consoles are foldable, which markedly facilitates aircraft’s assembly, disassembly, transportation and storage.

Empennage is welded by the steel tubes, has fiberglass ribs and is covered by fabric. The stabilizer is braced by four stretching wires, attached to the fuselage. The elevator is equipped with an electrical trim tab.

The Fixed landing gear is tricycle type with a free-oriented nose wheel, made of 30CrMnSiA steel tubes. On all wheels, low-pressure tires with the dimensions 360?150mm are used. Main undercarriage has pyramidal construction with elastic suspension. On the main wheels are installed MATCO hydraulic disc brakes operated by both seats, and parking brakes too.

Control system - cable type (for all 3-axis), fully duplicated, except the flaps lever, which is located left side for the aircraft commander only. During taxing, the plane is driven, blocking differentially the wheels, pushing the toe pedals.

Power plant:  T-10 “Frigate” is powered by the Austrian-made Rotax 912 ULS (http://www.rotax-aircraft-engines.com/a_engine_912.htm ) 100 HP four-stroke piston engine with a 1.86 m( 73”) twin blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller, designed specially for the plane. Installation of ROTAX 912 UL (80Hp), Jabiru 2200(80 hp), ROTAX 912S (100hp), ROTAX 914(115hp) and Jabiru 3300 (120hp) is possible too, but only after customers order. T-10 has internal aluminum fuel tank, that is set behind the crew seats and accommodates 85L (22,45 Gal) gasoline ,feeding the engine with the help of a charge pump.