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T-10 “Frigate” is a high wing braced monoplane with a puller engine (80-120hp) and a tricycle fixed landing gear. The plane is intended for different aviation tasks: training, aerial monitoring, patrolling and scanning, crop-spraying and why not just for fun!

“Frigate” cabin has two ergonomic ”side-by-side” seats , 1160mm (45, 7”) width,  and blistered doors, which  give amazing panoramic view and make airplane’s take-off and landing handling  easier. Behind the seats there is a compact baggage space with a possibility of 10 kg loading. The extra cabin sound-proof lagging reduces the engine noise inside to an assumed level. Standard heating and ventilating systems increase the comfort in both hot and cold weather conditions , the hot air fanning of the windshield allows  aircraft operation up to  -25 Celsius  (-13 F). The aircraft has dual control system.

The tricycle fixed heavy-duty landing gear construction, makes operation from ground, grass and paved runways possible. There is an opportunity of ski and float-type landing gear installation.

T-10 “Frigate” is powered by the Austrian-made Rotax 912 ULS/S (http://www.rotax-aircraft-engines.com/a_engine_912.htm ) 100 HP four-stroke piston engine with a 1.86 m( 73”) twin blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller, designed specially for this vehicle . The aeroplane has 85 L (22,45 Gal) internal fuel tank  and uses either automobile fuels (A95, A98), or aviation gasoline (AVGAZ 100LL, AVGAZ 95). Flight endurance reaches 5 hours at  75% engine power.

Aircraft is equipped with avionics intended for a VFR flights only. On the customer’s demand onboard could be installed optional flight and navigation devices. For an aerial chemical spraying we propose additional hinged equipment.

T- 10 “Frigate“advantages

  • A simple airframe structure of corrosion-resistant materials;
  • High repairability;
  • Availability of vendor parts and materials;
  • High protection of the crew in emergency situations;
  • Control system is designed for performing the flights at low altitudes (high piloting accuracy);
  • Good performance at high angles of attack;
  • Excellent view from the cockpit at all flight conditions (taxiing, take-off, climbing, flight at low altitudes, landing);
  • Ability of aircraft storage outside of hangar (under an awning or a cover).

Safety and reliability

We make provision for the crew salvation in emergency, flight safety at low altitudes, maintainability and reparability, proposing to our client an optional installation of “Cobra” parachute recovery system supplied by MVEN Ltd (Russia)

T-10 “Frigate” design has proved its safety and reliability, during the operation of 5 prototypes (0101-0105 serials), which has started since 2003. By the end of 2007, these aircrafts have realized 9 634 landings and 1138 flight hours without any serious malfunction.

The specified life of T-10 frame is 3000 flight hour or 10 years, since the delivery date and if all service conditions would be met.
 “TMM-AVIA” Division gives of the T-10”Frigate ” frame warranty of 100 flight hours or one year, this warranty not cover all the bought articles, which have warranty granted by their manufacturers only. Service of the product is organized in Kharkiv, Ukraine.