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The plane has been designed in accordance to the European “Certification Specifications for Very Light Aeroplanes” (CS-VLA), which give the opportunity of further certification against American industrial standards ASTM in the new Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category also.  Engineering works of this project have been carried out by modern CAD/CAM/CAE programs, such as SolidWorks, CATIA V5, ANSYS, which has allowed not only to enhance quality and culture of the design and production work, but to reduce labour and material costs.

In the airplane’s construction we use materials and goods with a proved quality only. Technologies, applied in our aircraft production process, are borrowed from the “big aviation” that in the presence of high level specialists let us to achieve top quality of the final product. We widely use different kinds of rig, such as jigs, workholders and moulds for aircrafts units, parts, components and systems manufacturing, thus receiving high accuracy and quality.

During the aircraft design work we have paid great attention at the product’s manufacturability, provided by common parts and units usage from one site, and construction materials quantity limitation from the other. The rational building-block design we have created, let us to organize parallel assembling of several objects ot ones, using progressive technologies, thus receiving lower laboriousness and a good assembling simplicity.  Currently the technological term of a unit (aircraft) building is 4 months.