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Ready-to-Fly (RTF)

“Ready-to-Fly” (RTF) aeroplane is a factory built plane, fully assembled. This aircraft has passed factory tests and is ready for fly in VFR conditions, where acrobatic figures are prohibited. Production term of one unit  - 4 months.

Standard features of the RTF aircraft:


  • Two-seats high-wing braced monoplane with an enclosed cockpit
  • Fuselage truss structure, made of stainless steel;
  • Heavy-duty fixed tricycle landing gear with hydraulic disc brakes on the main wheels
  • Removable wing consoles 
  • Electrical Trim tab;
  • Rudder trim plate (ground adjustable);
  • Fuel system with 85 L capacity internal fuel tank;
  • Four-stroke carbureted 100 Hp  ROTAX 912 ULS;
  • Carburetor heater;
  • Stainless steel exhaust system;
  • 2-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller with spinner, designed specially for T-10;
  • Accumulator;
  • Aircraft tie-down points
  • One color painting scheme (white);


  • Ventilated cabin 1180 mm (47 inch) wide, with an excellent view;
  • Two ergonomic “side-by-side” seats ;
  • Four-points seat belts;
  • Full dual controls;
  • Master switch, ignition, starter switch;
  • Amperemeter +Voltmeter; 
  • VFR flight instrument package (Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, VSI, Magnetic Compass, Ball Indicator); 
  • Engine instrument package (FLYdat Engine computer device, Fuel level, Fuel pressure indicator  )
  • Operational documents (Log Book, Operational Manual, Maintenance Manual)