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"TMM-Avia" Division is a light aircraft manufacturer, located in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. The "TMM-Avia" Division was established in September 2005 and it's a specialized structural unit of the large Ukrainian Company "T.M.M. Ltd." (www.tmm.ua).

The primary tasks of the Division are ultralight, light aircraft and kit manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul of the output goods. The second aspect of our work is designing and engineering services on a customer’s demand.


Our high qualified specialists have more than two decades of an aeronautical experience and have worked on a great number of designs – KHAI-30, KHAI-33M, KHAI-40, KHAI-46, KHAI-48, X-32”Bekas”, ”Frigate”, T-10 “Avia-Tor” ...and etc.!

The Division organization structure consists of: Design Office, Logistic and Supply department, Preproduction and Production departments, Sales& Marketing department, Flight-test department. Currently, our staff includes 40 employers.

Nowadays, our main object of activity is T-10 "Avia-Tor" (export name "Frigate") aircraft production. T-10 "Frigate" is a high wing "side-by-side" multipurpose light aircraft with a puller power plant and a tricycle landing gear. It is designed in accordance with European CS-VLA Airworthiness directives. The aircraft is intended especially for a flight training, aerial patrolling and monitoring, crop –spraying and why not just for fun!

Capability of our production facility in Kharkiv city (13 500 square ft.) allows us to provide production rate not less than 2 planes per month and enables further increasing the manufacturing capacity of up to 5 planes per month.

Flight-test procedures and aircraft storage take place at Korotich airfield, Kharkiv district.


Our nearest future objectives are:

  • to obtain Type Certificate (in compliance with CS-VLA) of T-10 "Frigate" aircraft;
  • to certify our management system accordingly EN 9100 (aeronautical industry analogue of ISO 9001 Standard);
  • to receive an Approval Certificate as Production Organization ;
  • to be authorized as an Aviation Training Organization certification;
  • to gain an Approval certificate of Aircraft Maintenance.