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General info

"TMM-AVIA" Division has on its disposal own production plant in Kharkiv city (13 500 square ft.), which includes vast assembling hall with a dozen of adjacent specialized quarters (metal workshop, painting booth, weld shop, sew shop, composites shop, turning/milling  shop, warehouses, avionics and power plant  mounting  shops, wing assembling shop and etc.)

The plant building also houses our administration, design office, logistic and supply department, preproduction department, sales& marketing department and a  flight-test department.

Flight-test procedures and aircraft storage take place at Korotich airfield, Kharkiv district.
The capability of our facility allows us to provide production rate not less than 2 planes per month and enables further increasing the manufacturing capacity of up to 5 planes per month.

Know-how (Technology)

Our Aircraft designs are realized using modern CAT/CAM/CAE programs, such as CATIA V5, SolidWorks, ANSYS, which aloud not only to enhance quality and culture of the design and production work, but to reduce labour and material costs. We made our best to provide our workers with comfortable and safety work places, thus increasing work productiveness, quality and efficiency.

Technologies, used in our aircraft production process, are borrowed from the "big aviation", that in the presence of high level specialists allows us to achieve top quality of the final product.