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What class the plane belongs to?
T-10 relates to the Very Light Aircraft (VLA) class, which is regulated by the European certification specifications CS-VLA. According to it "This airworthiness code is applicable to aeroplanes with a single engine (spark- or compression-ignition) having not more than two seats, with a Maximum Certificated Take-off Weight of not more than 750 kg and a stalling speed in the landing configuration of not more than 83 km/h (45 knots)(CAS), to be approved for day-VFR only."

What kind of tasks the aircraft can accomplish?
T-10”Frigate” is a multipurpose light aircraft. It is intended for a flight training, aerial monitoring and patroling, crop-spraying, and why not just for fun!

When the aircraft was designed and made its maiden flight?
The aircraft was designed by an engineering team headed by Sergey Ryabikov in 2002. First prototype made its maiden flight in the same year, since then our planes has accomplished more than 10 000 landings.

What are the T-10 advantages in comparison to its primary concurrents?
The plane we proposed surpasses its primary concurrenst first of all in functionality, design culture and operational costs, other its advantages are:
  • A simple airframe structure of corrosion-resistant materials;
  • Excellent view from the cockpit at all flight conditions (taxiing, take-off, climbing, flight at low altitudes, landing);
  • Control system is designed for performing the flights at low altitudes (high piloting accuracy);
  • Good performance at high angles of attack;
  • High protection of the crew in emergency situations;
  • High reparability;
  • Availability of vendor parts and materials;
  • Ability of aircraft storage outside of hangar (under an awning or a cover).

Tell me more about the aeroplane safety?

We have made provision for the crew salvation in emergency, flight safety at low altitudes, maintainability and reparability. The high lift-drag ratio of T-10 allows to make safe landings with engine cut off.   In addition to the robust design and it safe destruction construction we proposing to our client an optional installation of “Cobra” parachute recovery system supplied by MVEN Ltd. (Russia)

What is T-10 warranty?
"TMM-AVIA" Division gives 100 flight hours warranty  or one year on the T-10 frame, this warranty not cover all the bought articles, that have warranty granted by their manufacturers only. Service of the current product is organized in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

How can I make an order?
First carefully read information about T-10 and familiarize yourself with our pricelist. Make a decision about the variant you want and choose optional items, which you want to be installed. After that get in touch with us via e-mail or phone to discuss all order aspects and details.

Can I make a demo flight at T-10 and where I can do that?
Yes, of course! You're welcome, just inform us in advance by phone or e-mail obligatory (see our contacts). "TMM-AVIA" fleet is based at Korotich airfield, 6km south-west from Kharkiv city, Ukraine.

How long does it take to get a new T-10 aircraft?
The production term of T-10 is 120 days, starting from your order confirmation day. The Shipment takes usually from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your location.

What  is Ready-to-fly(RTF) aircraft?
 In brief, it is a  factory-built plane, fully assembled (only wing consoles are disatached), test-flown, inspected by us  and packed in the shipping container.The aircraft configuration is fully described  in  our price-list .

Give me more info about aircraft certification?
We have already started the process of certification. Request has been given in the State aviation administration of Ukraine and we’re planning to obtain CS-VLA Type Certificate of T-10 until the first quarter of 2009. The plane is eligible to American ASTM standards for S-LSA and E-LSA category.

Is there a possibility to use T-10 for crop-spraying?
Yes, it is possible. We install special hinged equipment for chemical treatment, which consists of eddy-current liquid pulverizers, external stainless steal tank with 120 liter capacity, hinge-plate bars for pulverizers, pumps, aft tank fairing and control devices in the cabin.

I’m not average build, will I have a problem with my accommodation in your plane?
Not  at all, cabin  is spacious enough, both in  a width (1160 mm - at the level of elbows) and in a height (1250mm - from the level of floor and 1060mm - from the lower surface of the seats).

Which is the best engine for T-10"Frigate"?
We strongly recommend ROTAX 912 ULS engine, it‘s the most suitable to our construction and helps to achieve maximum performance and operational safety.

Could I transport the plane by ground?
Yes, T-10 could be transported by ground using a trailer, releasing wing consoles from the fuselage previously. This process usually takes up to 25-30 minutes.