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www.tmm.ua - the official site of "T.M.M. LLC;

www.avia.gov.ua - site of the State Aviation Administration (central executive authority on public oversight of aviation security);

www.easa.eu.int/home - site EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency);

www.aopa.com.ua - site of public aviation organizations "AOPA-Ukraine" (member of the international association of owners and pilots of private aircraft IAOPA);

www.rotax-aircraft-engines.com - the official site of Austrian manufacturer of aircraft engines ROTAX;

www.wing.com.ua - "Wings" - site devoted to the Ukrainian aviation;

www.aviajournal.com - Ukrainian electronic edition of the journal general aviation "AON";

www.pilotmix.com - the global directory ultralight aviation;

www.avia-dejavu.net - a rich archive of light aircraft and airfields Europe;

www.reaa.ru - Forum of the Russian Association of Experimental Aviation;

www.saon.ru - Russian forum general aviation enthusiasts;